Fair Use Policy for a free editing sample

(1) Intentions

A free editing sample (an FES) is intended:

- to provide an idea of the service you can expect

- to provide the basis for a price quote for your whole document


- Only documents accepted for editing by EdThis.com will lead to an FES.

- An FES will generally cover somewhere between 600-1000 words of your text,
but no guarantee is offered for the minimum or maximum amount of words which will be edited.
- An FES is not provided for any document or text of less than 600 words.

- No editing in an FES will be considered to provide a final edited version of any given text.

- Each NEW document which meets the above criteria will be considered for an FES,
but no author will be provided with more than one FES per 10 days.

- All decisions regarding the above are at the discretion of Edthis.com and are subject to change at any time.

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